Wednesday, March 4, 2009


My wants want me
My needs need me

My wants tempting, armed with the best logic
My needs too arrogant, sometimes angry, too righteous
To be wrong

My wants eloquent – in that hot advert
Too much a doctrine to lose its truth
My wants too fashionable to be wrong:
Today a flowing gown to dazzle the town
Tomorrow a skirt, shy & brief
To know the frustrations of turbaned ideas

My want thinks japan & asian tigers, in shifting shapes
My need utters germany in forever-yours

Can I have a multitude of attitudes
In the tributaries of exchange
Desires craving, necessities frowning?
Could my needs also want?
Could my wants also need?

My want says:
Get hold of that prose, drug it
With the need to want

My need says:
Fry that poetry, spice it with mild strangeness
Inspiring history to hate itself

And the last breath says:
The want of needs, the need to want

-- Obododimma Oha

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