Saturday, October 24, 2009


Good poets don’t read others; they read only themselves. Their own works are always the best. Their own works deserve the prize; those of others deserve just a mention, otherwise the trash can. Praise the work of another poet and you lose your poetricks!

Good poets think their importance first, work their importance first, lest they become the least. Does it matter if a poet wants to remain the only champion in a village of jealous voices?

Good poets have the best language already; others are learners. Others have to be taken by the hand and led through some darkness of an inexpressible idea.

Good poets are gadflies; others houseflies already part of the rot.

Poets are saints, others devils or stupid fellows or both.

Poets know everything already; you fault them because you don’t know.

Because I am not a good poet, my noise is less onomatopoeic than yours!