Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Crude Business of Oil


Obododimma Oha

 Crude oil is very crude when it wants to deal with an environment. It kills everything on its path. It prevents everything that has life from breathing. Those who want to get it as a way of getting power and influence can also be extremely crude when they want to deal with those that try to prevent them. The crude business of oil spreads poverty even when it enriches.

In the crude business of oil, you scorch everything that stands in your way, everything: environmentalist, plant life, wildlife, aquatic life. Crudely means that you do it without any aesthetics, without ceremony, without culture. Crudely as can be. You bleed the earth to death. 

Because the business of oil is very crude, it generates war. Buy wars. Market wars. 

In this crude business, there are games and there are risks, and the games are the risks. Take the crude from crudeland across waters, bring it back as refined trouble. Bring back refined trouble as politics. Bring back what was here as what has come from there and make everyone pay dearly. 

In this crude business of oil, blood mixes with oil. If not the hide-and-shoot, then it is give-me-the-chance-to-kill-myself. The swamp warrior soon begins to fight for himself. The swamp warrior soon kills himself as he fights everyone crudely. And as the oil flows uphill, the villagers congregate to fetch their cheap death. No one can stand between them and their destinies. They have vowed to die today and die tomorrow. 

In this crude business, even lifters and those that help us to lift have muscles. Ike keta, o rie: what you hustle out, you possess. And you dispossess to possess, and watch out for trouble. 

In this crude business of oil, everyone is welcome to deal. If you are a carpenter, no problem: there may be the need in the business to nail some people, or at least their coffins. If you are a hunter, very good: there will surely be some game to be hunted down and shot. The business is the crude way; the crude way is the business.

In this crude business, the market is the battlefield, is the school for scandal too. And all your patriotism ends, the house collapses, when the oil ceases to be crude. 

No one that lives the crude remains refined again.  

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