Monday, January 18, 2010

Pronouncing Haiti robertsonically


Obododimma Oha

HAITI sounds like HATE when Pat Robertson pronounces it.
The boundary between error and terror is diminishing, so Pat cooks for the devil and serves it to God Almighty.
Who uses the other against Haiti, God or Satan?
Whose Robertson speaks?
Whose Logos wants logic in the Presence of violent History?
Which otherness witnesseth the pact?

It is safer to play God's coward than to be Satan's advocate. Otherwise, why not blame Satan as usual? A clever Robertson should fear the stereotypes of his discourse,
For if freedom comes too early, it cannot recognize Blackness
If Black freedom comes at all, its reward is poverty
If poverty lingers, there is a narrative of the Fall in the rising sun.

The semiotic of natural disaster must learn to feed on the surplus of myth,
So that some god's anger makes the earth quake, makes the mountains vomit fire, makes a hurricane hurry to cane the survivors of the Deluge.

It won't be the end of literacy, even if it is the collapse of logic.
It won't be the end of language, even if it is the signal about the post-human.