Monday, December 3, 2012



Obododimma Oha

First time I saw the signs of a writing script,
Wondered why
Meanings are mean in-between the lines

First time I saw letter A of the Roman script,
Thought it was
A badly made drinking stool
Like the one at the bottle store

First time I saw a Chinese script,
Was certain
A crab missing its way
Crawled across an unfortunate page

First time I saw an Arabic script,
Was worried:
"Looks like someone's collecting 
Other people's signatures!"

First time I saw a Hebrew script,
Feared Father Abraham's
Probably arranging pieces of fuelwood, 
Another sacrifice!

First time I saw a text fade 
on a computer screen,
Believed someone's doing Amerika wonder:
The more you look, the less you see

First time I saw
I knew not
How blind I was.