Monday, January 10, 2011

Talking Jonathan, Feeling Atiku


Obododimma Oha

Do you feel Atiku when you are talking Jonathan? I hear they are going to have a debate. Going to? That debate has already started, has been going on, will continue. I think Atiku thinks Atiku. Too much of everything is bad, especially looking down when one should be looking up. Too much politics, less thinking. Too much blame, less responsibility.

If one cannot kill oneself, Nigerians would help one. We know how to do it. Nigerians get wiser by the day; if you want to use them, don’t use the tactic you used yesterday. Research well. Think the moment; execute surprise.
They say attack is the best form of defence. Sometimes it is the best way to defeat oneself.

Do you see how laughing has become an idiom here? I am laughing. Are you laughing? Are we laughing at those who are not laughing? Are you laughing because you are laughing? Are you laughing politics? Here they politick with laughter, especially because someone is going to dance naked. Oh, I am laughing my laughter. Dis kontri, my broda, na lafta.

And, oh, how painful: someone tries to laugh at someone at the wrong time, with the wrong crackle. Too much search for opportunity to laugh at the other, which gives the other the chance to laugh at us.

Bombs, bombs, bombs: has this become a method or madness, or a method in the madness? A future that explodes now, is it? Don’t point your voices at opponents when you have not understood the colour of their laughter.

I ask: isn’t there a future beyond politics, a nation beyond party?

The playground is also the learning ground. Some learn better and faster with bruises. I watch how your rhetoric achieves desperation, boils over, extinguishing itself.